Breakdown Cover


With a choice of four levels of cover there is an option to suit all users.

Our Breakdown Plans

Our breakdown cover is an affordable solution to your computing problems.

Giving you peace of mind and avoiding those nasty out of the blue repair costs, our plans are designed for helping you get on with what you need to do!

See what this service provides below:

Level One


  • Covers Up To £24.99
  • 30 minutes of remote support weekly
  • Monitoring software covers 1 device
  • Priority service if prearranged 24 hours prior

Level Two


  • Covers Up To £49.99
  • 1 Hour of remote support weekly
  • Monitoring software covers 3 devices
  • Priority service on the same day if prearranged the same day

Level Three


  • Covers Up To £79.99
  • 3 Hours of remote support weekly
  • Monitoring software covers 5 devices
  • Priority service any time no warning needed but preferred

Breakdown Cover

What it Covers

Our breakdown cover is designed to keep your devices up and running when things go wrong. Giving you peace of mind and avoiding those nasty out of the blue repair costs, the plan is designed to fix non mechanical issues that will prevent you from getting on with what you need to do.

Multiple Devices

If you have more than one device and would like to cover multiple devices in your home, then you can make use of our multiple device plans and make better savings.

How it Works

We will install our monitoring software on your device of choice. The software will then keep all of your most common programs up to date and running smoothly as best as it can. It will monitor your hardware and let you know if there is are any issues before it becomes a serious problem, It will also alert us and we will contact you if it is anything serious. Although our software will only cover one device the discounts apply to any non hardware repair on any of your devices.

The main plan for the breakdown cover is £49.99 for the year. This will allow you to have any work that costs less than that covered for free up to 3 times and will be the discount for any repairs over that. For example if there was a repair that cost under £49.99 it will be free and if there was a serious repair  that costs £79.99 you would only pay £30. Once you have used up your allotted  Repairs you then move down a level in cover and the same rules apply.

You can upgrade your plan to cover more at any point

Our breakdown plan covers all labour for non mechanical failure not including hardware, user accidental or incidental damage.
Please note this is not an insurance plan or accidental cover.
Strictly breakdown cover.

Device = Laptop/PC/Tablet

Additional Services

The following services are also included with every breakdown cover plan above.

  • Free diagnostics and investigation – full tests and checks on your system
  • PC clean up (PC spring clean) – help speed up system
  • Defragment (disk de-clutter) – make your files open faster
  • Data recovery – in-house service
  • Windows updates – bring your version of windows up to date
  • Program clean ups – removal of unused/redundant programs
  • Driver updates – we will make your hardware work better
  • Start up acceleration – will make your computer start up faster
  • PC booster – optimisation for best performance
  • Free annual check – annual check of system
  • Additional work discount – discount on upgrades.
  • Priority service – faster help when you need it
  • Telephone & email advice – friendly advice when you need it

Exclusions or Limitations

As with all policies of this type, there are certain limitations and certain things that are not covered. The most significant exclusions of this cover are set out below.

  • Mobile phones
  • Game consoles
  • Excludes parts
  • External peripherals  e.g. printers/cameras/monitors
  • Virus removal – Protect IT plans available (ask for details)
  • System upgrades e.g. memory upgrade
  • Software upgrades e.g. operating system upgrade

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